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Laptop Battery Replacement Service

From Apple to Samsung and everything in between, Batteries Plus Bulbs is your laptop battery replacement resource. Bring your laptop to our in-store experts and we’ll find a new battery and install it for you. Schedule an appointment online, or stop in without an appointment. We’ll have you working, streaming, and surfing in no time.


Reliable LAPTOP Repair Service

You take your Laptop with you wherever you go. As cautious as you may be, accidents are bound to happen. If your Laptop isn’t working properly, finding a technician who can repair it in a prompt manner is important. We provide a top-notch cell phone repair service with a reputation for great results.

Quality Service

Laptops are delicate and need to be handled with the utmost care. While we’re focused on ensuring fast phone repair turnarounds, we never compromise on our commitment to delivering exceptional service. That’s why we use quality parts on all phone repairs, and each of our expert technicians has ample knowledge and training. Their work is backed by a 6-month nationwide warranty.


Schedule an appointment online or by phone, or just stop by! With over Many stores nationwide, there are SPR HOUSTON near you with the parts and expertise to get your broken Laptops back in working order in no time.

Honest Recommendations

Just because you’re experiencing Laptops problems doesn’t necessarily mean you need Laptops service. For example, if your screen won’t come on, the issue could be your Laptops charger. Or, if your headphone jack isn’t working, the problem could be coming from a loose wire in your headphones. Before investing in Laptops repair, we’ll provide you with a free and honest diagnostic assessment

Protect Your Laptops Investment

The best way to prevent the need for Tablet repair is to keep it protected against becoming damaged in the first place. Here are a few things you can do to protect your Tablet investment.

Invest in a quality, hard Laptops  case.

The right case may prevent your screen from cracking if you accidentally drop it. Some cases even come with warranties that cover the costs of Laptops repairs if the Laptops becomes damaged while in the case.

Purchase a screen protector.

The screen is one of the most vulnerable areas of a cell phone. A screen protector is transparent and removable, and most types are incredibly affordable.

Consider upgrading to a waterproof model.

If you’re accident-prone, think about upgrading to a model designed to withstand water and moisture.

Don’t attempt DIY repairs.

As tempted as you may be to repair a damaged Laptops on your own, doing so could cause irreversible damage or even void your warranty.

We offer the best repair services at the most affordable cost!